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"Mr & Mrs P Holt are two special people, very caring, 
understanding and reassuring.” 
Mrs P, Crewe 

Hearing aid patients 

"As a child I suffered from meningitis. This has had a profound impact on my hearing; I have also suffered from tinnitus for many years. In December 2011 I suffered a severe loss of hearing. During a visit to my ENT consultant he recommended Holt Hearing and Balance Services. It is due to their patience and expertise that I have taken control of my life. They fitted two hearing aids which have improved my quality of life beyond hope, I have also been able to return to work and I thought I would never work again. Therefore I wish to put on record my sincere appreciation to Holt Hearing and Balance Services, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone suffering hearing problems. I cannot thank them enough for giving me my life back. " Mrs P, Telford 
“Thank you for your wonderful attention and support, I am so happy to recommend you highly to any friends or relatives who may need your services.” Mrs S, Stoke-on-Trent 
“I cannot fault Philip in any way; he is an exceptional man and a credit to this profession. With his help he had improved my father’s quality of life.” Mrs K, Macclesfield (on behalf of father) 
“Mr & Mrs P Holt are two special people, very caring, understanding and reassuring. Their advice and professional service are excellent. I can fully recommend Holt Hearing and Balance Services.” Mrs P, Crewe 
Lyric patients 
''When I took my hearing aids out, it was total silence and very depressing really. Then Holt Hearing said they have something new called Lyric, which wear you can wear constantly. I tried it and for me it was like a miracle. I'm happy again and a first class service'' Mrs F, Stoke-on-Trent 
''I am 9 months in to wearing my Lyrics. As I write, I don't know what I would do without them. I am completely addicted! I have experienced some teething problems along the way but I have stuck with them. 
I believe this product is the closest to my natural hearing. (I have had another product for a short time in one ear and I felt it had a more metallic sound). 
They are simple to operate and with no batteries to change you forget you are wearing them. 
They are a hearing aid that is so good that I end up telling everyone about them but if I didn't say a thing no-one would ever know I had them!'' Mrs M, Crewe 

Balance patients 

“I thought my treatment was conducted in a very thorough and professional manner. It was incredibly informative and Marianne was very patient in explaining and showing the procedures of the programme I was to undertake.” Mrs C, Crewe 
“It was very difficult to find any faults with your system.” Mr B, Crewe 
“The programme has been a godsend. The exercises have given me a structured way forward.” Mr S, Stoke-on-Trent 
"I was introduced to Holt Hearing and Balance Services by my consultant. What a wonderful find! The service they provided for treatment, care, and the professionalism they displayed was exemplary. I feel better than I have done for some time following a course of treatment. I would highly recommend Holt Hearing and Balance Services to anyone with ear problems and would have no hesitation of using their services again." Anonymous 
"In the summer of 2011 I was referred to an ENT consultant by my GP for problems with my head and balance. He recommended that I see Philip Holt whilst I was awaiting an MRI scan. 
At our first appointment, Mr Holt took extensive notes of my condition, and talked to me, showing great kindness and understanding, and performed a series of tests which illustrated how ill I was. It felt such a relief to find out that there was a physical problem causing my symptoms; and he was so supportive as he explained this to me. It transpired that I had an acoustic neuroma which was removed in the summer of 2012. 
My rehabilitation has been slow and pedestrian, requiring a series of different physiotherapists with their exercises, but at key moments on the road to recovery Mr Holt has sat with me, listened to me, talked to me, drawn diagrams and explained why I was feeling the way I was. I cannot impress upon you enough how wonderful his kind and holistic approach to my convalescence has been. 
I have been very fortunate with all the care that I have had but feel especially blessed that Mr Holt has been so fabulous in providing me with both psychological boosts and physical exercises. 
I wholeheartedly recommend him and the practice." Mrs C Holland. Macclesfield 

Tinnitus patients 

“Mr & Mrs Holt played a big part in helping me deal with my tinnitus in a positive way. I highly recommend them.” Ms M, Nottingham 

 Wax removal & Hearing Protection Testimonials  

"I have always had a problem with wax on my ears. Just before seeing Phil I had visited my local surgery where Sister had washed them out as usual. Phil spent a considerable amount of time expertly removing yet more wax which was still remaining in my ears even after that visit. 
I was extremely appreciative of the skill, patience and professionalism of Phil in that instance and indeed of Marianne and Kirsty and all the team. I cannot recommend them highly enough" Mrs R, Shrewsbury 
"Holt Hearing provided a professional service for taking the impressions for my ear plugs. I have found these to be comfortable in long-term use" Mr H, Shrewsbury 

 Consultant Testimonials  

"The service offered to me and my patients is prompt, expert, polite, helpful, and overall is optimal." 
"An excellent team with high standards who should do very well in a competitive market. I recommend widely." 
"Your services in 2011 have been invaluable to me and my patients. Your bravery in 'going it alone' outside the NHS has, I believe, been justified."